Jenny's Bio


Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown writes the kind of historical romance she loves to read: richly emotional stories featuring vibrant characters who must confront their fears and break through their limitations before they can find love.

Her work appeals to readers who enjoy authors like Loretta Chase, Judith Ivory, Jo Beverley, and Mary Balogh whose stories respect the details of historical period in which they are set without sacrificing the emotional depth and sensuality demanded by today's romance reader.

Jenny is relatively new to writing fiction, but she is well known under another name as a bestselling nonfiction author. Besides writing, she has pursued a professional career as a singer songwriter, a computer software developer, and a small press publisher.

Her Lords of the Seventh House Historical Romance Series features an astrological theme. Jenny has been a student of astrology since her teens. She has had the privilege of meeting with and learning from some of today's finest professional astrologers, people like Robert Hand and Bruce Scofield, Ph.D. This is why the astrology you will find used in these stories is not the simplistic "sun sign" astrology you may have seen featured in newspapers or magazines, but the far more complex and effective "real" astrology which was in common use in England in the early 19th century.

Readers need have no interest in or knowledge of astrology to enjoy these romantic tales as the astrology adds flavor but does not dominate the story.

Nevertheless readers who are familiar with astrology will appreciate that the characters have real charts which appear in the afterword section of each novel.